Your fertility journey doesn’t have to feel so hard and lonely. 

Stop googling, get your questions answered, and receive the fertility guidance and support that you have been looking for (from a real life expert) 


You spent a large part of your life trying to NOT get pregnant (because you were told it could happen so easily) but now that it’s time, it’s been anything but easy.

Your friends and everyone around you seem to be getting pregnant and having babies but not you. And it hurts.  


It’s hard to get answers online but you don’t really want to talk about it because it feels too vulnerable to share. 

And each month you try, you get your hopes up that maybe this time it worked, only to be disappointed yet again.

The fertility journey can be hard! And lonely, stressful, shameful, exhausting. 

As much as you might feel like you are the only one going through this, I want you to know that you are not alone,

And there is an easier way, where you can feel hopeful, calm, and supported.  

If this has peaked your curiosity, go ahead and read on to learn more.


Imagine having monthly access to a holistic fertility coach, fertility yoga expert, AND doula (that’s me!)


  • For the emotional support that you crave
  • To answer the questions you still have countless google searches or an appointment with your fertility doctor.  
  • To be a sounding board as you make important decisions about the next step in your journey  

And in addition to this education and support you could also learn how to:

  • Find and maintain a compassionate, loving relationship with your body 
  • Regulate your nervous system and achieve a deep sense of INNER CALM
  • Move with the current of your cycle (rather than fight against it)
  • Get off the emotional roller coaster ride and find acceptance and emotional balance
  • Connect with faith and trust that you WILL become a mom, even if you don’t know when or how
  • Develop realistic expectations 
  • Release fear and limiting beliefs

ALL the while being part of:


A non-judgmental, compassionate, and safe community where: 

- you feel comfortable talking about your hopes, fears, disappointment and pain

- you can ask the others questions about their real life experience with fertility treatments and holistic healing modalities (such as acupuncture, dieticians/naturopaths, abdominal massage and osteopathy)  

- you feel less alone because you are surrounded by others who know what it FEELS like to be on the same journey

This is what you will receive (and more!) when you join my online Hopeful and Calm Fertility Wellness Community. 


Here’s what is included inside this compassionate and informed community each month.

Each month there will be a theme to bring intentional focus to our time. (Here’s a sneak peak)


Womb Awakening


Transform your Fear


Receive Love and Joy


A Weekly LIVE Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Every Monday, start your week feeling grounded, with purpose and intention. 

(this feature is worth the cost of the membership alone)


A LIVE Monthly Community Discussion Circle

In our safe space and with my kindness and support you will feel seen and heard. Listening to the other folks' fertility journey stories experiences will allow you to feel less alone (and will also give you the courage to share if you feel shy). Sharing is encouraged, but listening only is ok too.


A LIVE Monthly Workshop and Q + A

Learn about topics such how mindset work can help you get pregnant, the power of the mind-body connection, how to survive your two week wait, how to prepare for fertility treatments and more.

(you will also get access to the library of former workshops)


A LIVE Monthly Fertility Yoga Class + Q & A

Get your yoga on in real time monthly live yoga class, and ask me any questions about your personal practice.


Get Access To My Extensive Fertility Yoga And Guided Meditations Library

These recordings are meant to support you in finding hope and calm on your journey. Each month I will recommend which classes to choose.


A Private FB Community

Get additional support, have your questions answered, and continue to chat with the other fertility folks inside our private FB community.

Why this? Why now?


Stress and fear are two major blocks to conception. And while there are many apps out there that can help you reduce your stress, these apps have not been designed with your fertility journey in mind. They also don’t come along with LIVE doula support, and a compassionate community of folks who are on the same journey.


Hi, I’m Lauren,


A holistic fertility coach, birth doula, and fertility yoga expert. After carrying, birthing, and raising 2 children of my own I know the deep joy that Motherhood can bring and this is why I am so passionate about helping women achieve their dream of becoming a mother. 

I have worn many different professional hats over the last two decades starting with neuroscientist, then school teacher, birth doula, fertility yoga expert, and now holistic fertility coach, and I bring all of these experiences with me into my work today. 

Over the last two decades I have experienced and witnessed the power of the mind-body connection and the body’s ability to heal (given the right circumstances).

I have worked with many clients who were told by the medical system that their chances of conceiving were slim (due to statistics and medical tests) but they still beat the odds and got pregnant. 

 Today it is my mission to help all women who have a desire to become a Mother BELIEVE it will happen so they can, achieve the pregnancy and child that is their birthright, while enjoying the journey getting there!

Membership Subscription Options


Science shows it takes 3-6 months for lifestyle changes to show up in your follicles (for your mind and body to heal) therefore I highly recommend making a 3-6 commitment inside this community.



Cancel Anytime

Option to cancel or modify your plan before it renews




(save $44)

Option to cancel or modify your plan before it renews




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Frequently Asked Questions

Risk Reversal


My promise to you is that after one month of active participation inside this community you will feel more hopeful and calm on your fertility journey. 

(By active participation I mean that you commit to meditate and do a yoga practice minimum once per week). 

If you make this conscious effort for a full month and still do not feel more hopeful and calm I will gladly give you a FULL refund.  

You may also choose to cancel your membership at anytime prior to your next payment.